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Studying Together

Parents fear that their children are losing vital learning opportunities with school campuses closed due to the coronavirus, and these academic struggles appear linked to economic hardship and possibly race, according to local and national surveys reported in the LA TIMES May 2020.  YALA is answering the call by providing tutoring services for their participants with 'EmPower Our'.

Math Formulas

EmPower Our.....

Homework Help and Tutoring Program

 “EmPower Our” provides homework support, tutoring and study skills support. The program gives Ambassadors assistance, resources and guidance via Zoom and under the guidance of qualified tutors. By encouraging members to develop a daily habit of completing homework and study in a dedicated space with support, “EmPower Our” helps Ambassadors make a commitment to school, participation and learning in the virtual environment.

Collegiate Tutors

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Jonathan T.

Highly motivated, creative thinker who is committed to providing the highest level of support. A Student/Athlete at College of the Canyons.  Understands  the importance of balancing  academics and sports.  Mentally you must daily have the attitude to Arise...Conquer & Take Flight!

Olivia T.

I am a sophomore in college at USC. I have experience in teamwork as I have played sports my whole life and was apart of diversity team and student council in high school. I was also apart of LIFE team at my high school, a religious group which planned retreats and helped with masses. I’ve studied abroad and traveled my entire life so I have experience with different cultures and backgrounds. I am a 4.0 student in college.


Artavia T.

 I'm a senior at NYU studying fashion and business. On the side I like to model and work as a stylist so I'm really into art. I've always been a good writer so I think I'd be best at tutoring in that subject. I'm extremely patient and have 3 years of experience tutoring little kids in math at a math camp. I enjoy tutoring because I remember in high school how helpful it was to me in certain subjects so I like to return the favor.

Jaden W.

I am currently a sophomore and working towards a degree in Health Administration. I enjoy reading, movies, hanging out with friends, as well as playing and watching sports. I'm passionate about helping others understand their school subjects to the best of their ability, and I'd love to help figure out the ways that work best for your learning style.

Ayana P.

I am a freshman psychology pre law major at Howard University.  I love the opportunity to give back.  I understand the importance of dedication, hardword and commitment. I am passionate about standing for what is right, helping others and acting.

Zaire P.

I am attending Moorpark College this semester with plans on transferring to CSUN. I am majoring in Marketing. I love sports as well as going to the beach and fishing. I am always very organized.

Hanna S.

I attend Moorpark College and I am interested in science. I hope to join the medical field one day. I am passionate about helping people reach their academic potential because I know how good it can feel to succeed. I want every child and teenager I come in to contact with to have that feeling, and be able to take pride in their intelligence and their work. I usually tutor in math, but I have also done well in my english classes, specifically in the writing category. I also feel as though I have insight about study habits that may be beneficial to students struggling with prioritization and/or time management

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