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Founder's Welcome

Andrew and Deanna Thomas are the Founders of Young Ambassadors Leadership Academy.  They have devoted their time to bridging the gap between the critical phase of boyhood to an empowering movement to build young men of character, who are responsible leaders. As parents of young men, they are familiar with the challenges that can plague our young men, but they are committed to affirming the significance and greatness of young males, helping them to be successful in the classroom and in the community while building a legacy of courage, dedication and excellence.

"Life is not important, except in the impact it has on other lives"

~Jackie Robinson

Meet Our Directors

andrew thomas.PNG
Andrew Thomas


Andrea Berry

Vice President/Secretary

charles clemons.jpg
Charles Clemons


Deanna Thomas

Vice President/Treasurer

Aloria Magee

Vice President/Educational Officer

Rodney Gillespie.jpg
Rodney Gillespie


Meet Our Bridgebuilders


Meet Our Advisors

Channsin Berry
Tony Magee
Dr. Taquan Stewart

Make a Contribution via VENMO @ YALA2020

................and stay connected to us to see how it is put to work.


Annual Banquet Awards & Scholarship Programs

Each year our efforts are to give the attention that our young males need to let them know they are significant and destined for greatness. We recognize our young African American males at their culminating program – “The Banquet of Honor”.

 In addition, this event is to recognize those individuals, institutions and organizations of our community that have dedicated their efforts to humanitarianism, education, leadership development, and diversity, which are the core commitments championed by Young Ambassadors Leadership Academy, Inc.

Back to School Summit

Our Young Ambassadors Back to School Summit is a free summit for all young males and teens in the community.  The young men will participate in workshops focused on manhood, responsibility, leadership, S.T.E.A.M.,  time management and study skills, entrepreneurship and public speaking that will prepare them for success in school, preparation for college, in pursuit of their career and in the community.

Transportation Fund for College & Business Tours

Transportation to and from local colleges and businesses throughout California: Pepperdine, UCLA, USC, UC and State Schools as well as businesses emphasizing science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

10 – week sponsorship for a young male

We would like to give all males the opportunity to be a part of our program and offer a scholarship to those that are in need.

Materials for S.T.E.A.M. projects for 10 students

– Digital Equipment, Camera, Microphones

– Science tools, Art, Coding materials and Design software

Funds for classroom materials

– Book selection for the session to help build their library

– Binder, Handbook and Supplie

Sponsor a young male for the program

$2500 Donation
$2000 Donation
$2000 Donation
$1000 Donation
$500 Donation
$1200 Donation
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